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Dated: 04/29/2016

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Technology has indeed changed the scope of home security in the past five years. Many of the most exciting advances in technology have come into the home security business. This technology has not only improved our ability to protect our homes but has also integrated into several safety features. Let's look at four technology advances in home security over the past several years.

Wireless Security
Today, wireless security systems are easier and more cost-effective than a hardwired security system, and also, make it easier to divide up your home into different areas. Wireless technology allows you to pinpoint the spot in your home and the nature of the problem and cuts down cost and on false alarms.

Smartphone Apps
Recent advances in technology have allowed us to monitor and control our home security with our smartphones. With smartphone applications, you can monitor your home security system from anywhere, making it easier and faster for you to be notified if there is a break-in or sometimes even a potential break-in at your home.

Vibration and Audio Sensors
Vibration sensors are the number-one cause of false security alarms, because it doesn't take a lot for them to be set off. The slightest movement can cause a false alarm. Today's innovative home security systems integrate audio sensors that know the difference between general noises and shattering glass, making it easier to determine whether a true break-in or a different emergency is happening.

Integration With Fire and Medical Response
Many elderly people who choose to live on their own have added more functions to their home security, such as the ability to call medical, fire or other emergency responders to the home by simply pressing a button on their home security operating device. This helps elderly people live independently with easy access to emergency responders. Currently, they now have a monitor that can note a sudden fall and will automatically notify help.
Because of technology, our homes are more secure now than ever. Whether you are at home, on vacation or at the office, you can use your smartphone to make sure that your garage door is closed, and your doors are locked, and that you'll be notified if a window breaks in your home during a potential burglary.

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