Little To No Credit

Dated: 04/30/2016

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Little to no credit?   Tip 1 to get started building or gaining credit. 

Get a personal credit card. Keep in mind this might drop your credit score initially, and you HAVE to keep a balance under 30% of the high credit limit. You must carry a balance.  Carry $25 to $50 at all times. Example: If the high credit limit is $300 and you owe $300 your credit score will drop like a brick, but you don't want to pay it off totally either. 

Check back next month for Tip 2 on building or gaining credit, or feel free to call me to get started right away.

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Chauntel Enzweiler

Although I want to share a little information on my background and marketing, this is more about you. What will help you sell quickly for maybe even more money than the house (down the street) Having ....

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