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Dated: February 6 2016

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In Real Estate, as with many things, you only get one chance to make a first impression!

A clean exterior means greater curb appeal and a greater value to your home. The black or green residue sometimes found on siding is more often than not mildew, or even mold.  Left alone, it will continue to spread and can eventually cause greater damage to the structure. 

Cleaning vinyl siding can be a big job so always consider hiring a professional.  In the United States over the last several years, vinyl siding has grown into one of the most popular siding materials used in construction.  It does not rot or flake, it looks wonderful, and it is durable.

The truth of the matter is however that it does get that dirty and dull look over a period of time. The great thing is that it can be cleaned, even though many times it is very big task to attempt by yourself.  Below are a few steps to take to have your vinyl siding looking wonderful.

Steps To Take When Cleaning Vinyl Siding:

1. It is most advisable to work around your home in portions of 3- 5 feet at a time.

2. In a large bucket mix 1/4 cup of laundry detergent with 4 gallons of water.

3. Gather your cleaning apparatus - be it a mop, brush, or even an old towel that you can tie around the head of your broom and secure using duct tape. Clearly, you will need something that has a long handle.

4. Start off by using a hose to spray away all loose debris or dirt.  In case you have a pressure washer, which can be used as a replacement for the hose, use it since it will most likely reduce or eliminate the need for scrubbing.  Ensure that you don’t force water through the seams behind the vinyl panels.  This will tend to cause mildew and mold to grow and these will wind up being additional and harder problems to deal with.  Don’t get any closer than 3 feet away from the siding.

5. Starting with the bottom, you should dip the tool that you have chosen for cleaning into the soapy water and start scrubbing and debris or dirt from the vinyl siding.  Proceed working from bottom to top of your section.  This will keep it from streaking.

6. Rinse away the soapy water using the hose.  Ensure that you remove all soap traces on the siding before it dries to avoid unsightly marks

7. Proceed on, while you repeat steps 4-7 for each section that you intend to clean.

The ProServe Group specializes in residential exterior home cleaning services.  From top to bottom, roof cleaning to exterior house washing to pressure washing concrete, stone and wood, we make your home look the way it was meant to look... like new.   We utilize professional equipment and experienced labor to clean your property right the first time. 

ProServe / Angie's List Award

The ProServe Group is the proud recipient of the 2013 & 2014 Super Service Award from Angie's List!


If this seems to be like a big task call Proserve Group 859-379-5450. ProServe also does roofs, decks and driveways.   CLICK HERE to visit ProServe on the web.

Proserve Group uses low pressure to clean your home. we use a special detergent to turn your home from GREEN to CLEAN! 

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